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Himiko Japanese River Bus

Artist Reydzi Matsumoto works in the genre of manga and anime, he designed a ship named Himiko.His creation is more like a spaceship than a river bus. Dimensions of Himiko: 33 x 8 meters, displacement is 114 tons.Tram route will run between areas of Asakusa and Odaiba, which contain several tourist attractions. Advertisements

How to Look NatuRal & BeautiFul..

    Look Beautiful and Stunning..    Today peoples wondered     how can we look stunning without trying to be older than we really are?      Want to look beautiful and natural, without using too many bad chemicals for your skin?  Here we`ll show you and guide you, how to look beautiful as a teenager. […]

“The Tunnel of Love” Stunningly Beautiful & Romantic Place.

ThIs Not so far from the Ukrainian regional center “Rivne” there is a town called “Klevan”.  This is one of the most romantic places in the world called “The Tunnel of Love”. This name given by the Locals because it`s really popular for coupals. During the warm months of the year, this train track decorated by the green […]