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Batman-The Dark Knight Rises..”Movie 2012″

After eight years Gotham City became a peace state. Under the powers of Commissioner James Gordon has nearly vanished the name of crime. Gordon feels guilty about hiding the crime of Harvey Dent’s (murdered in the dark night), but still thinks that city is not yet able to hear the truth. While Gordon’s speech, villain […]

American Teenage Actress..”India Joy Eisley”

   India Eisley (Ashley Juergens)..  Eisley joined film festival in March 2008. Eisley Years active.. 2003–present.   Date of Birth.. 29 October 1993, Los Angeles, California, USA. Birth Name.. India Joy Eisley.   Height.. 5′ 3½” (1.61 m)  Occupation.. Actress.   India Joy Eisley is an American actress. She is best known for her role […]

Bella Swan & Jacob Black…

Kristen Stewart && Taylor Lautner..                         Bella actually knows that she’s in love with Jake until the end of Eclipse. Even in New Moon, she always talked to him as if he was a brother, not an actual boyfriend. She think finally realizes that […]